Define Your Future

Our Future Is Our Own

The past is a completed painting. The present is a partial painting. But the future is an empty canvas waiting for your paint your picture.  Like the empty canvas your future is waiting to be painted and only you can paint your future.


Wings As Eagles

Wings As Eagles

Define Your Reality

The past defines the reality of who you were. The present defines the reality of who you are. The future is the reality that you have control over. Define your reality by defining your future. Wait upon the Lord and you can be transformed.

Planters of Seed

A teacher is like a farmer. They both plants seeds and hope they grow. The difference is that a teacher plants her seed into fertile soil of the mind. When that seed grows and matures it plants seed into other fertile minds. When a farmer’s seed grows and matures some of the harvest is held back to plant again the next season. And so it goes. Plant that it may grow. (Callahan)

Learn From Then Forget The Mistakes Of The Past

Forget the mistakes of the past except to learn from them with the hope of not repeating them.

Don’t let fear of the unknown stifle the happiness of the here and now.

Enjoy life and receive the happiness reserve for those who have a positive attitude. truth_both_sides_story

Don’t Be Idle

Don’t Be Idle

Don’t be idle. Start with an idea. Who knows where you’ll go but at least you’re going somewhere which is better than being idle. (Callahan)

Positive Life

still_waters_lakeThe more positive your mind is the more positive your life is. What goes in your mind is reflected in your actions and you attitude. You are in control. (Callahan)

Let Dreams Live

Go forward in the direction of your dreams. Life can be long and hard. Dreams are the stuff of life that brings hope and joy to life. Dreams shorten and sweeten life. Dreams soften an otherwise hard life. If you physically cannot achieve your dreams then dream anyway. Take a vacation in your mind and let those dreams live. Live the life you’ve imagined for yourself. You can do that by following your dreams. If your dreams fade over time and news sprout up then follow them. Be a dreamer, no one can take that from you. (Callahan)

Master Of My Destiny

Governments my try and suppress me. Temptations may try and hinder me. Persecutions may try and hurt me. Jealousy may try and repress my destiny. But I am the master of my destiny. It matters not what others do to me, say about me or feel about me. For with my mind I am my destiny. (Callahan)

We Are Destined To Be Successful

It makes no sense that our caring, loving Creator would create us for failure, sadness or fear. We are destined to be creatures of success, happiness and fearless. It is our divine birthright to be successful, happy, fearless and strong. (Callahan)


Dedicate yourself to excellence, fairness, gratitude, laughter, sincerity and willingness. These virtues will lead to harmony and a life of contentment. (Callahan)

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