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Books Written by CallahanWriter  aka  Troy C. Wagstaff



.44 Caliber Preacher: Ben Baxter’s Western Adventures

This novel is my third, but it is also my first western novel. I enjoyed the writing process that went into making this story. This is the first of several Ben Baxter novels. Stay tuned.

This western story of action, adventure and mystery makes for great page turning and engaging western novel. Ben and his pard Clint have been preparing for six years to become horse ranchers when their lives are tragically turned upside down.

Ben is honor bound and obligated to get revenge when everything turns against him, including getting charged for murder and other crimes he didn’t commit. A sheriff and posse go after him as well as every other lawman and bounty hunter in the west desert.

In spite of the numerous challenges and obstacles Ben presses on. His integrity is challenged when one of the lawmen after him is wounded and falls under Ben’s care. The sheriff wants to see Ben hang. Will Ben get the wounded sheriff the help he needs or let him die?

In spite of the hair raising adventure Ben is on, he comes across evil men determined to destroy a town. The town offers him the job of being their sheriff. What does Bens honor dictate? Will he take the job or keep looking for his pard’s killer?

Preacher Zachary Monroe, a preacher from San Francisco is running from his painful, haunted past. Suddenly the preacher and Ben cross paths. Do they join forces to help each other in their quest or do they go their separate ways?

This first installment of Ben Baxter’s Western Adventures takes you on an epic journey through the Utah Territory’s west desert. The historical mining town of Frisco, Utah Territory, is as violent and wild as any dime novel of the day. Some say it’s a combination of Deadwood, Dodge, Sodom and Gomorrah. It has the highest murder rate in the country. There is daily gunplay and it embodies all the elements of the wild west.

With this backdrop you will find an exciting old western story of revenge, redemption, action and excitement. All the elements necessary for an engaging story such as bank robbing, stagecoach holdups, freight wagon hijacking, violent shootouts, horse rustling, renegades, revenge, mining, bushwhacking, lawmen, desperados, bronc busting and scheming are all present in this epic western historical fiction.


The Dreamer: Biblical Story of Joseph in Egypt

I loved writing this novel. It is a historical fiction story of Joseph of Egypt. Here is a little information about this book.

Dreams have been dreamt since the dawn of time. For some, those dreams have changed the world. Follow along as young Joseph follows the God given dreams that will change his life and indeed change the world by saving his family from famine. Joseph and his coat of many colors go through untold trials and tribulations in an effort to live up to the inspired dreams that destine him to lead the civilized world and bring temporal salvation to millions. Joseph overcomes beatings, kidnapping and countless trials so he can be a mighty instrument in the hand of the Lord. Step inside his mind and thoughts as he struggles to overcome the challenges that he faces as he prepares to save the world. Don’t forget the romance between Joseph and his Egyptian wife Asenath. This inspirational novel for both men and women, girls and boys is a must for your Christian library.

This bible story examines how Joseph dealt with his tribulations and how he relied on God’s help. This inspirational novel may serve another important mission, helping you overcome trials and challenges you face. Joseph and his story serve as a great education on dealing with daily challenges. This fictionalized historical account of Joseph and the coat of many colors follows Joseph’s life from the time he was seventeen until after he was married and saved his family from famine. It examines how Joseph dealt with the countless tragedies and challenges of life. He is victimized several times and yet, with the help of God, is able to overcome those wicked things done against him and at the same time gives us ideas and inspiration to apply to our own lives and our own tribulation.

Perseverance, determination, forgiveness, faith, long suffering, hope, endurance are attributes that young Joseph had. This story shows us how we can develop those same attributes.

This historical novel recounts a story that is thousands of years old yet it still reverberates for Christians today. Can Joseph forgive all those who abused him? Where does he get the strength to persevere? Will his life ever be normal again?

If you have ever been abused or victimized, you will relate to what young Joseph had to deal with.

We are often told to follow our dreams but what if we had no choice but to follow our dreams? Joseph was placed in a situation where all he had were his dreams to guide his life. He had nothing to lean on, he had no other guidance but his dreams. Where will this dreams take him? Will they be enough?




Living With Fibromyalgia: Memoirs — A True Fibromyalgia Story
This new book is a memoir of my life with fibromyalgia. Since writing the fibro novel Parleys Quest, people have asked me if that story was based on my life. My quest or journey is outlined in Living With Fibromyalgia: Memoirs — A True Fibromyalgia Story.

Pick up a eBook or paperback copy of by clicking on this link: Living With Fibromyalgia: Memoirs — A True Fibromyalgia Story




The very first novel written about fibromyalgia by someone with fibromyalgia

This work of fiction is the first novel that deals specifically with fibromyalgia. There have been novels, various stories and even some movies that deal with chronic pain of one type or another, but to the best of my knowledge, until Parleys Quest, there has not been any stories dealing with the challenges of fibromyalgia. This is significant to the millions of people worldwide diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Furthermore, I dedicated this book to all those who have or are currently struggling with any type of chronic illness, especially a chronic pain illness specifically fibromyalgia.

Pick up a copy, eBook or paperback, of Parleys Quest

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