Through true faith in the Messiah and through humble heart felt prayer I can change with Gods help. For I know that God is all about love and His desires are for the salvation of all men. (Callahan)

Don’t Give Up

When you’re lonely, feeling sad and discouraged don’t give up. When your broken, bloody and  beaten down, don’t quit. When your about to be swallowed up in the pit of despair fear not. For our Creator who holds the world in the palm of His hand is holding you in the other hand. (Callahan)

Let me refer you to a favorite verse of mine in Isaiah 53:4. It said”Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.” Not only did Jesus pay the demands for justice so we can repent of our sins, The Savior also bore our grief’s and carried our sorrows. This means that The Anointed One has first hand knowledge of what we feel and how we feel.

Christ knows how it feels for us to be lonely. He knows how we feel when we are discouraged, beaten or bloodied. He has been through all of those emotions we go through. There is no feeling or emotion or experience we have had or ever will have that Jesus has not felt. This means we can turn to our Creator in prayer, through the name of Jesus Christ and receive the healing balm of his grace and mercy.

We really are being held in the palm of His hand.

The Lord Daily Bears Us Up

The Lord Daily Bears Us Up

Christian Devotional


This delightful quote comes from the Bible and is popular among those who create Christian memes or graphics. Is sounds hopeful and it praises The Lord. There is more to this simple and profound Bible quote. When you understand it better, you’ll have a new and even more profound appreciation for this wonderful verse.

Look at the Greek meaning for the word “bear.” It means “bear with,” “remove” or “endure.” So let’s read this verse with the Greek meaning.

blessedbethelordFirst version with “bear with”:
Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears with us up…

Second version with “remove“:
Blessed be the Lord, who daily remove us up…

Third version with “endure”:
Blessed be the Lord, who daily endure us up…

These versions don’t make complete grammatical sense however these Greek meanings add to the meaning of the verse.

Let’s look at the traditional sense of the verse as it is in the Christian picture. Blessed be the Lord, who daily keeps us standing, gives us strength or hope, keeps us going on the right path.

Now lets look at the additional meaning of the verse that the Greek words provide. The “bear(s) with” means that daily (every day!) The Lords bears with us, or puts up with us. Is this really much different? I think so, because it implies that He puts up with us rather than just cast us off because He gets tired with our redundant bad behavior. He’s loving us all the time and does what He can to be with us always. If we need him (we always need Him), He is right there.

In the case of the word “remove,” I don’t see how it works in this verse but the word “bear” appears throughout the scriptures so it’s worth mentioning now for use later on in your Bible reading. In the application of “bear” or “remove” could refer to the removal of sin through our repentance and His mercy and grace. It could also mean that He removes barriers, trials or other problems we may be involved with.

In the third application using the word “endure” makes a lot of sense in this verse and could make a lot of sense in other uses throughout the Bible. The Lord daily “endures” with us. It speaks to the longsuffering quality of our Redeemer’s love for us.

Not only do these Greek meanings add some to this great Bible passage but it aids in understanding other passages in the Holy Scriptures.

How To Improve The World

How To Improve The World

How to improve the world? Are you serious? With the world like it is, how can anyone improve the world with the mess it is in with all the wickedness running rampant. Any righteous desire with The Master on your side it’s doable. Even improving the world.

I’m talking about improving the world in numerous ways. Read this quote for starters: “If we have improved our self, even just a little bit, we have improved the world. The better we become the better the world is.” (Callahan)

improve_the_worldI like this quote and I believe it is a true statement. I also think we can do even more to improve the world if The Lord is on our side. But first let’s look deeper at that inspirational quote. As Christians we should always be repenting because we know we all fall short of the glory of God and we all make mistakes. Sincerely repenting of our sins and striving to be a better Christian and better disciple of Jesus makes us better. And if we become better then the world becomes better. After all, the world is the sum of the six billion people who live on it.

That’s one way to make the world a better place. The next idea in making the world a better place is to love others and do and strive to help them become better. If you can help other people better themselves in Christ then the world gets better. If the other people you help, help others then the snowball effect takes over and the world gets better and better.


accept_caanot_changeI accept the things I cannot change about myself but strive continuously to change for the better the things I can change about myself. (Callahan)

How To Live As A Christian

How To Live As A Christian

Christian Devotional for the day…

How do we live as a Christian?  The answer to that question could fill a large book or it could be expressed in a simple quote by someone who spent the better part of her life living like one.


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