Bravery and Courage

Bravery and Courage


Bravery is not always accomplished on the battlefield or when everyone is watching. Bravery is mostly accomplished when no one is looking and when you overcome in the privacy of your mind the challenges that you face and you demons are defeated. (Callahan)

Looking for courage? Look to Jesus Christ and find all the courage and bravery you need to live life as His disciple.

Christian Devotional – Christian Meme

Inspirational Christian Quote and Devotional


Jesus Is The Same: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Jesus Is The Same: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today’s Christian Devotional

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

I think most Christians have heard this truism many times but have you ever thought about it deeply?  What does it mean to us today and tomorrow?

Jesus Christ that we worship today, is the same Savior that was worshipped by the great prophets, apostles and saints thousands of years ago and He will be the same Redeemer we will worship fifty years from now.

When people are investing their money they often wonder if the investment will be as successful five years into the future as it is today. Is it a solid investment. We wonder if various aspects of our life will be the same in the future as it is today? The answer is no. The future changes everything. But the future does not change a glorified and perfected being such as Jesus Christ. We can look with faith on him now and in the future knowing He is the one constant we can count on.  The perfect way to anchor your faith.

Be The Best You Can Be

Best The Best You Can Be

Christian Devotional


Do the one thing no one else can do…be the best you that you can be. (Callahan)

If you feel like you do not have the power, strength or courage to be the best that is within you, call upon Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ for help, for power, strength and courage. With His help you can be all that is within you to be and MORE.

Be What The Lord Wants You To Be

Be What The Lord Wants You To Be

Be what the Lord wants you to be, not what the world wants you to be.

Be what the Lord wants you to be, not what the world wants you to be.

The world sends messages to us that we need to be who we are or don’t go changing…be the best you can be etc.  The real truth or the real meaning in our life is simply to Be who The Lord wants us to be, not what the world wants us to be.

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The Gospel Of Peace

The Gospel Of Peace

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33


Following Jesus Christ will bring peace into our lives.  There are many places in our lives where we need peace. Try as we may, we cannot always acquire peace on our own. Faith in The Master will bring peace into every aspect of our life. The world will give us tribulations and tribulations take peace away.  But Jesus has overcome the world so that among other things, we can have peace where the world would tell us otherwise.

Even in tribulations we can have peace equal to our faith in Jesus Christ.



CallahanWriter: Musings and Observations

CallahanWriter: Musings and Observations

Success is the ability to get inside your mind and stay there until you have figured something out, came up with a solution or just had a respite from the grind. Don’t be afraid of your mind. He who is afraid of his mind will not achieve success. (Callahan)

Government may try to control me. Temptations may try to enslave me. Persecutions may try to stop me. But I am the master of my destiny. It matters not what others do to me, say about me or feel about me. For with my mind I am my destiny. (Callahan)

Success is what you define it to be. Know what success you want or you’ll just be spinning your wheels. (Callahan)

Some of the greatest inventions and discoveries were made possible by mans ability to harness power and disperse it in a way that made great things happen. If you can learn to harness the vast energy and power of your mind and all the thoughts therein you can disperse that great power and you to can conceive and achieve great things. You can change the course of your life. There are yet many things to discover, many things yet to be done, many things to teach. As much as mankind has achieved there remains much more to do and you could be in the middle of it all. (Callahan)

Learn from the memories. Respect the past. Live in harmony for today. Be happy with what you have. Go forward into the unknown future with faith, hope and love. (Callahan)


Love As I Have Loved You

Love As I Have Loved You


There are many recurring themes throughout the scriptures and the gospel message. One of the biggest themes is the idea of love. We need to love God with all our heart, might, mind and strength. We need to love our neighbor as ourselves. Love the sinner not the sin and the list keeps going.

Do we love God? If you are reading this then I think the answer is yes. I know I love God.  Do you love your self? That could be tricky but you need to love yourself. Do you love you neighbors? Neighbors are defined as everyone else from your spouse and kids to the person driving right next to you on the highway.

The gospel is a message of love. If you answered no to any of these questions then ask God for help in loving everyone.

Created In the Image Of God

Created In the Image Of God

It makes no sense that our caring,  loving Creator would create us for failure, sadness or fear. We are destined to be creatures of success, happiness and fearless. It is our divine birthright to be successful, happy, fearless and strong. (Callahan)





Christ suffered for us in the garden of Gethsemane and upon the cross of Calgary. As a sign of His suffering Christ retains scars in his feet, hands and side. Christ will never forget us because He suffered for our sins and our infirmities and pains and sorrows…

He wears that sign on his hands and so when He says I have engraved thee upon my hands, he is saying I know who you are and I am with always, even until the end of the world.

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