Define Your Future

Our Future Is Our Own

The past is a completed painting. The present is a partial painting. But the future is an empty canvas waiting for your paint your picture.  Like the empty canvas your future is waiting to be painted and only you can paint your future.


Wings As Eagles

Wings As Eagles

Define Your Reality

The past defines the reality of who you were. The present defines the reality of who you are. The future is the reality that you have control over. Define your reality by defining your future. Wait upon the Lord and you can be transformed.

Jesus Is The Same: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Jesus Is The Same: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today’s Christian Devotional

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

I think most Christians have heard this truism many times but have you ever thought about it deeply?  What does it mean to us today and tomorrow?

Jesus Christ that we worship today, is the same Savior that was worshipped by the great prophets, apostles and saints thousands of years ago and He will be the same Redeemer we will worship fifty years from now.

When people are investing their money they often wonder if the investment will be as successful five years into the future as it is today. Is it a solid investment. We wonder if various aspects of our life will be the same in the future as it is today? The answer is no. The future changes everything. But the future does not change a glorified and perfected being such as Jesus Christ. We can look with faith on him now and in the future knowing He is the one constant we can count on.  The perfect way to anchor your faith.

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