Six Good Things About Fibromyalgia

Six Good Things About Fibromyalgia

Is it even possible to have something good come from the pain and suffering of chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia? I think so. Here is a legitimate list of things I can think about the are possible to learn from suffering from fibromyalgia.  Can you think or more to add to the list? If so, what are they?


1. Learn about who you really are.

2. A renewed or deepened relationship with God.

3. Learn more about empathy.

4. Learn or increase your ability to be grateful or show gratitude.

5. Understanding you internal capacity for pain and tribulation

6. Learn about your external capacity to bare pain.

Thankful For Fibromyalgia

Thankful for Fibromyalgia

Today I had an epiphany. I felt it in my heart for the first time. I am thankful for having Fibromyalgia.

As Christians we are taught to trust in the lord which means that we gratefully accept the outcome of his divine will. If we say, we are “leaving it in the hands of the lord” we are also saying that it is okay for whatever outcome to happen.

thanks_for_fibroIn my case it has been thirty-one years of Fibromyalgia and numerous other health problems and family health problems that I have been called on to endure and deal with. I am grateful for all of that. Intellectually, I knew it was the Lords will but I have not completely felt it in my heart until today.

There have been countless miracles along the way of my fibro journey for which I am thankful, thankful from the heart.

We can know truth in the mind and we feel truth in the heart, the heart is where the Holy spirit touches the soul.

Today, April 24, 2015 is the day I can say, I truly am thankful for my health problems and especially the leader of the pack, fibromyalgia. I know that it is the will of the Lord for me. I know there are other things to learn about my health and my families health issues, but for now, I know I am where the good Lord wants me to be.

Troy Wagstaff

Parable of The Shoe Laces

Parable of The Shoe Laces

I remember once, some time ago, a pair of black leather Sunday shoes. They were very comfortable and they looked good, and even though they were a few years old they were still in style. They had a shoelace that was different from traditional shoelaces. The shoelaces were rounded, almost like they were very small rope. No matter how tight I tied the knot, a short while later the shoelaces slipped out of the knot and the shoes were loose again.

With time, the inevitable happened and a shoelace broke. I picked up a pair of black shoe laces and came home and put the new shoelaces on my shoes. The shoelaces seemed out of place. For one thing, the shoelaces were flat like a traditional shoelace. Also, the shoelaces were a new black and the shoes were an old black. Even though they were the same color, there was a contrast.

The next day was Sunday and as I finished getting dressed I put on my black Sunday shoes. I noticed that the knot seemed to pull tighter. I still noticed the contrast between the new black and old black. Not a big deal but I did notice.

Hours later, when I took off my black Sunday shoes, I realized that I was undoing the same knot that I had put on the shoes when I got dressed that morning. All day long, the shoe laces held. No additional knot tying.

The Moral of The Story

Through some adversity or tribulation, the breaking of my shoe lace resulted in replacing the laces with new shoe laces that worked better. Holding the knot all day. The contrast in old back verses new black was minor. I got used to it really quick. Those very comfortable shoes were the best pair of shoes I ever owned.

Things might go wrong or get broke but with The Lord in our life, things get fixed or replaced and the situation is far better than it was before. Leave it in the hands of The Master.


Troy Wagstaff ©

The Gospel Of Peace

The Gospel Of Peace

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33


Following Jesus Christ will bring peace into our lives.  There are many places in our lives where we need peace. Try as we may, we cannot always acquire peace on our own. Faith in The Master will bring peace into every aspect of our life. The world will give us tribulations and tribulations take peace away.  But Jesus has overcome the world so that among other things, we can have peace where the world would tell us otherwise.

Even in tribulations we can have peace equal to our faith in Jesus Christ.



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