Parable of The Shoe Laces

Parable of The Shoe Laces

I remember once, some time ago, a pair of black leather Sunday shoes. They were very comfortable and they looked good, and even though they were a few years old they were still in style. They had a shoelace that was different from traditional shoelaces. The shoelaces were rounded, almost like they were very small rope. No matter how tight I tied the knot, a short while later the shoelaces slipped out of the knot and the shoes were loose again.

With time, the inevitable happened and a shoelace broke. I picked up a pair of black shoe laces and came home and put the new shoelaces on my shoes. The shoelaces seemed out of place. For one thing, the shoelaces were flat like a traditional shoelace. Also, the shoelaces were a new black and the shoes were an old black. Even though they were the same color, there was a contrast.

The next day was Sunday and as I finished getting dressed I put on my black Sunday shoes. I noticed that the knot seemed to pull tighter. I still noticed the contrast between the new black and old black. Not a big deal but I did notice.

Hours later, when I took off my black Sunday shoes, I realized that I was undoing the same knot that I had put on the shoes when I got dressed that morning. All day long, the shoe laces held. No additional knot tying.

The Moral of The Story

Through some adversity or tribulation, the breaking of my shoe lace resulted in replacing the laces with new shoe laces that worked better. Holding the knot all day. The contrast in old back verses new black was minor. I got used to it really quick. Those very comfortable shoes were the best pair of shoes I ever owned.

Things might go wrong or get broke but with The Lord in our life, things get fixed or replaced and the situation is far better than it was before. Leave it in the hands of The Master.


Troy Wagstaff ©

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