A Day In The Life Of Fibroman

A Day In The Life Of Fibroman

I have written several times about Fibromyalgia including a history of my 31 years finding out that I the disease. I’ve written about the bone crushing pain of fibro and other symptoms of Fibromyalgia including fibro fog. That’s what I’m going to write about fibro fog again with a story that is still happening.

Yesterday morning my laptop would not work. I didn’t have my data backed up and I couldn’t find my list of passwords to the various sites I needed and I couldn’t work on a new short story I had outlined the night before. I was in a panic.

a_day_in_the_life_fibromanI took my laptop in to get fixed. Turns out it was a hard drive issue. They said they were able to retrieve my personal data. I don’t yet have my repaired laptop so my fingers are crossed. But I did find my list of passwords today and so I was able to access WordPress and make this blog.

I had a rough day yesterday. If I would have had my list of passwords I could have used my wife’s computer and done a little writing, at least for my blog. She doesn’t have a word processor so I can’t work on my story yet. I am supposed to get my laptop back this evening. We’ll see.

The point to all this is that fibro fog is more than cognitive function and memory loss. That fog in your mind can, at least in my case, affect quick thinking and how to deal with major obstacles. My day was ruined when compared to my normal day. I was able to get some reading done and some research done for a book I’m writing. But I was really disjointed.

Ten years ago I would have been able to deal with things better and I would have probably remembered most of my passwords and this would not have been such a bad ordeal. Up until now I hadn’t realized that aspect of fibro fog and that interferes with these types of thing like switching quickly to a plan b or a plan c so to speak.

With the help of finding my password list I have been able to a least post this blog. Another issue is that with Fibromyalgia there is always something to learn about dealing with this terrible illness.

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