10 Free Saint Patrick’s Day Irish Memes or Pictures

10 Free Saint Patrick’s Day Irish Memes or Pictures

The great Irish holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. In keeping with our collection of free Irish memes I thought it would be good idea to add to that collection with some Irish pictures that are design especially for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you love all things Irish like I do, except for the alcoholic beverages, then you’ll like these Irish picture that are free for you to use in your celebration.

To use these pictures just copy the Irish meme to your computer and use it in Facebook, Pinterest, email or in whatever way suits you. Do not modify any picture you download from this site.

 st_patricks_day_blessingThis quote about Irish good luck is sure to please the friends you send it to.


This is a great free Irish meme to send to a special friend on St. Patrick’s Day.

Keep in mind, we have countless free Irish pictures, graphics or memes that can  be used to celebrate the great Irish holiday.


This delightful Irish quote is perfect for the music lover on Saint Patrick’s Day.


This leprechaun is great for laughs on Saint Patrick’s Day.


leprechaun’s and St Patrick’s Day go together like and Irish man and Sheppard’s pie.


St Paddy’s Day, Irish luck and leprechaun’s equal a great Irish celebration. Just keep track of your shenanigans.


There is nothing like a great Irish quote or saying to set the mood for this grand Irish holiday.


Many of this Irish blessings can also be used for Irish Toasts.


The luck of the Irish is essential for St. Patrick’s Day.  Bookmark this post for easy reference to use on St. Patrick’s Day.

By the way, don’t forget to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or a piece of sterling silver Irish or Celtic jewelry on this grand day of Irish celebration.


Should We Worship With Our Heart and Mind? Daily Devotional

Should We Worship With Our Heart and Mind? — Daily Devotional

There is a popular “self-help” idea that has been active on the Internet for several years.

This idea is called “positive affirmations” or “affirmational statements.” These are one sentence statements of truth that a person repeats to him or herself many times a day until the person feels like that truth is a part of her.

For example, I would repeat this affirmation statement “I am strong” countless times through the day. The idea being, that I can reprogram myself to believe that I am strong.

What I love about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that it can be used as the yard stick by which we measure truth. When I first came to learn of this “affirmation statement” concept for self-improvement I kind of raised a brow and moved on.

Then I happened upon this phrase while reading in the Old Testament. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) Put another way, thoughts precede our actions. Then I remembered this “affirmation thing” on the Web and looked into it again.

sharper_thant_2_edfged_swordI concluded that for the most part, the affirmation concept for self-help is valid but it is not a new concept, thousands of years ago this idea was addressed in the Bible.

This concept of controlling your thoughts before they become actions was talked about in the Old and New Testaments.

During the Sermon on The Mount Jesus taught that killing someone is terrible but being angry with someone is also bad. Stop being angry with your brother and then killing isn’t an issue.

The same with adultery, it is a terrible sin but lusting after someone in their mind is also bad. It’s easier to repent from lustful thoughts and anger than it is to repent for adultery or murder.

So if we keep our thoughts under control we will act better and be better. Our thoughts are a big part of our worship. The thoughts and intents of the heart (or mind) are extremely important living the gospel.

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12)

Not only do our thoughts affect our wardout actions but God can and does discern the thoughts and intents of our heart. This “affirmation therapy” is rooted in doctrinal truth. We need to be clean that bare the vessels of the Lord. That starts with the thoughts and intents of our heart and mind. Let us fill our heart and mind with the love and joy of the gospel.

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Onto One The Least Of These … Ye Have Done It Unto Me

Onto One The Least Of These … Ye Have Done It Unto Me

Daily Devotional

Inasmuch as ye have done it onto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it onto me.

This verse of scripture is frequently used to teach us that how we treat others is the same as doing it to our Savior.

When we are kind to our spouse, which should be easy, we are kind to Jesus. When we take care of a sick child, we are performing the same act to our Savior. When we serve our fellow man, we are serving our Messiah.

Unto One Of The Least Of These

Unto One Of The Least Of These

Keep in mind that how we think toward others and how we treat others is the same as thinking about or treating the Messiah. Do we want to help the poor and needy to the extent our circumstances will allow?

Do we respect others? Are we fair and honest in how we treat others? Imagine what it would be like if those others were Jesus.

The opposite is true.

If we rudely honk at others for something other than a safety concern, we are behaving rudely to our Savior. If we swear at the referees during the kids, soccer game, we are swearing at the Savior.

If we use unrighteous dominion toward our employees then we are like wise behaving the same to Jesus.

If you find yourself pricked at these words then fear not, our Father in Heaven is a kind, loving and forgiving God. Seek repentance, a change of heart, ask for forgiveness and go thy way and sin no more.


Troy Wagstaff © All Rights Reserved.

Irish Humor Quotes

Irish Humor Quotes

Irish Joke

Irish Joke

 Irish Joke

The baby is just like his father said Mary Quinn, But at least he’s got his health.

Irish Humor Meme

Irish Humor Meme

 Irish Joke

What’s the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral? There’s one less drunk.

Irish Joke Graphic

Irish Joke Graphic

 Irish Humor

 What is black and blue and found floating up side down in the Irish sea? Someone who tells a stupid Irish joke.

Irish Picture - Joke

Irish Picture – Joke

 Irish Humor

Paddy and mick were nailing up the side of a wooden house. Mick noticed that Paddy was examining the nails and throwing away every second and third. “What’s wrong with the nails?” he asked.

“Sure the heads are at the wrong end.”

“You are stupid you idiot, can’t you see they are for the other side of the house?”

Irish Joke

Irish Joke

 Dublin Joke

How can you tell is an Irishman is having a good time? He’s Dublin over with laughter!!

Irish Leprechaun Joke

Irish Leprechaun Joke

 Leprechaun Joke

Why can you borrow money from a leprechaun? Cos they’re always a little short.

Irish Graphic Joke

Irish Graphic Joke

 Dublin Joke

Billy stops Paddy in Dublin and asks for the quickest way to Cork. Paddy says, “Are you on foot or in a car?” Billy says, “in the car.” Paddy says, “That’s the quickest way.”

Irish Proverbs and Irish Memes

Irish Proverbs and Irish Memes

Irish Proverb  Be Happy...

I Irish Proverb Be Happy…

Irish Proverb

Be happy With what you have and you will have plenty to be happy about.


Irish Proverb

May you have a bright future – as the chimney sweep said to his son.


Irish Proverb

Earth has no  sorrows that heaven cannot heal.


Irish Proverb

The older the fiddle the sweeter the tune.


Irish Proverb
Gods help is nearer than the door.

What Do People Want From The Bible?

What Do People Want From The Bible?

There are people who have preconceived expectations when they read the Bible. They expect to find scriptural justification to their behavior. They want the way they live their life to be condoned by Holy Writ. They want to use the Bible to prove the decisions they have made are correct. These types of people are not looking for truth. They are looking for ways to justify their behavior.

When you read text like the Bible, you will find teachings presented in parables and symbolism. This makes it easy for people to twist the scriptures to suit their desires, whatever they may be.

The problem with this type of Christian is that if he or she can back up their bad choices with Bible verses, then they feel complete, and that makes them hard to reach and to see the error or their ways.

Since those types of people are hard to get through to, I’d like to try to help other Christian to avoid that mistake.

How to get the most out of your daily reading of the Bible?

what_do_people_want_from_the_bible1. Be Honest.

2. Be Humble.

3. Be Prayerful.

4. Ask “what does God want me to learn today?”

5. How can I apply this in my life?

If you use these ideas when your reading daily from the Holy Bible then you will see spiritual growth well beyond what you thought possible.

Let’s look at each of these points in detail.

1. Be Honest

Have an honest attitude. Don’t lie to yourself about what you want. Don’t have any preconceived positions when you read the scriptures. Don’t have the attitude that you already know what to do. Let the scriptures tell you what The Lord wants you to know. If you read the scriptures without honesty, no one will know except for you and The Lord. But that is all that matters. If you want to be like Jesus or know what would Jesus do then you need to be honest, otherwise you are just hurting yourself.

2. Be Humble

Being humble goes closely with honesty. Humility is, in part, being teachable. Being humble means you accept that you don’t know everything and are willing to learn from what the scriptures can teach you.

3. Be Prayerful

If your honest and humble and then add prayer to the mix you will be setting yourself up for some major revelation. You will learn things that only God can teach you. You will know the truth of the Bible, not what other people want you to know.

4. Ask “What does God want me to learn today?”

Have you ever read the same scripture over and over again for the tenth time and all of the sudden you feel like this is the first time you have read that verse before? It suddenly has new meaning. This very thing happened to me this week. I read Matthew 5:44, among other things it says to “Love your enemies.”

That verse is powerful with all that it teaches us. Let’s give it a glance: “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

I went to Sunday school with a question in mind, “how can this ‘love your enemy’ phrase be applied when talking about ISIS?” They have been killing Christians for a long time but they’re also killing Muslims as well. They are a slightly different type of radical Islamic terrorist group. They are trying to start an Armageddon type war by provoking the West to conflict.

They started by kidnaping for ransom, then turned to beheading people and then burned a living pilot to death. Seeing the response they got they burned more than forty people to death on a beach. This could be the most hard core enemy the world has faced. They are an enemy to the west and to Christianity. How does one love that type of enemy?

We talked at length about this issue and determined that probably the only way to love them is to ask God for the gift of love toward them. We were thinking that it might be impossible to love an enemy like that on our own.

5. How can I apply this in my life?

As was said in section four “have you ever read the same scripture over and over again for the tenth time and all of the sudden you feel like this is the first time you have read that verse before?”

Now my response to this question is different from in section four. The reason why I believe this question is valid is because we grow over time. We grow spiritually and emotionally. We have many more years of life experience tucked under our belt. So with all that, when we read Matthew 5:44 or some other verse or passage, we look at it differently. The doctrine is still the same but our world view is different.

This alone is a good reason to continue to read the scriptures over and over again until the day that we die.

When we are reading a section or a whole chapter of Holy Writ, we need to ask ourselves, how does this apply to me? Or ask how can I apply this teaching into my life right now? Asking these types of questions take that word phrase or verse off the paper and into your life. It takes on a different meaning when you desire to act upon it. Acting upon what you read may be the most important blessing of reading the scriptures daily for the rest of your life.

As you are anxiously involved in doing good? It will be harder to be deceived by the evil one and put you in a place to be taught deeper meanings of the Bible.

Hopefully, these five tips can help your spiritual growth when reading the scriptures and you will not be inclined to use the scriptures erroneously to justify your vain actions. Ideally, these five tips justify the good word by becoming a better Christian by diligently reading and applying the word of God in your daily life.

What It’s Like to Be Me With Fibro Fog

What It’s Like to Be Me With Fibro Fog

I’ve had Fibromyalgia for more than thirty years. When I was first diagnosed with my symptoms, they called it Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S.), a “young persons” arthritis. The symptoms of Fibromyalgia matched remarkably well with A.S.

Over the years the types of pain and malaise have waxed and waned and even changed over the years. I have new pains mixed with the old as well as non pain symptoms develop.

More than thirty years later, my pain can be described like having the dull, aching flu-like symptoms throughout all the soft tissue in my body. This causes some of my joints to ache as though I had arthritis.

I also have muscle spasms throughout my back unless I take muscle relaxers then I just feel the sensation without my muscles contorting.

Fibro Fog

Fibro Fog

The symptom of Fibro Fog is, as far as I know, unrelated to the pain and just another menacing symptom. The problem for me talking about Fibro Fog first hand is that I don’t know if I am leaving details out or not, because part of fibro fog is memory loss.

When I was correctly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about ten years ago, I did not have fibro fog. When I did start complaining about fibro fog symptoms, my doctors blamed my symptoms on the drugs I was talking. The number one offender being narcotics.

As time went on, I started to notice certain patterns of fibro fog which included memory loss. This memory loss was unique because of events that I knew I should remember but couldn’t. I wanted to say a word and I knew what the word meant and why I wanted to use it, but I couldn’t remember the word. I could even describe the word yet I could not recall the word itself.

I then started having short-term memory loss. I started to learn early on to write questions on paper when I went to a doctor appointment so I wouldn’t forget the questions. I would take notes during the appointment so I could remember what the doctor said.

In spite of what the doctor would say about my memory and it being the side effect of the drugs I was taking, I persisted in pushing them about the memory issues. I had a feeling it was somehow related.

I read a few articles on fibro fog and changed my approach with the doctors after they still denied fibro fog was a symptom. I would ask very specific questions about my memory and could that specifically be related to the drugs. More often than not, they would say that the drugs shouldn’t affect me that way. It took a couple of years for the doctors to admit to fibro fog.

Meanwhile, I felt like I was slowly losing my mind. Somewhere along that time frame one doctor suggested taking up a hobby. Physical hobbies are difficult for a fibro patient to do. After several months of being badgered to pick up a hobby, I decided I would get back into studying history. I’ve always enjoyed history from grade school on.

I got a few history books from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to WWII and a couple of general history books. I decided I wanted to devote my study to the North African and European part of WWII. I have read more than twenty books to date on the subject with about twelve more books waiting to be read.

Having a hobby didn’t seem to help my memory issues at all. I got involved with WWII history groups on FaceBook and started to write a little about what I new. This was enjoyable.

It did bring some joy into my life but didn’t really help with my fibro fog. I would start to have my back pain flare up and then radiate from my lower back to my neck and knees and realize I was four hours late on my pain meds. I would get up and go to another room where I keep my pain meds. I looked around the room while in pain and forgot what I was looking for.

After a degree of frustration I would go back to my recliner and then the pain would remind me, “oh ya, I need to take a pain pill.” I went back into the other room and forgot again what I was doing. After a couple of minutes I would realize I was looking for the pain pills.

How can I have bone crushing pain, because I was late with my pain pills, and then forget that I was looking for them? Amazing.

Many times I have been in mid sentence only to forget what I was talking about. My fellow conversationalist would remind me what I had just said and sometimes I would go on with my conversation while other times I would say “I forgot what I was talking about.”

This happened at the doctor’s office more than once and finally I had enough presence of mind to say, “this is it, this is what I am talking about right here. I don’t know what word comes next.” My doctors finally started to accept the idea of me having fibro fog.

My fibro fog has improved a little and I’ll tell you how that happened in another post. Sadly though, in spite of some interesting therapy, I still suffer fibro fog.

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Inspirational Quote About Life

Inspirational Quote



Life is partly what you make out of it and partly how you react to it.

Daily Devotional With Pictures

Daily Christian Devotional With Pictures

The Living Sermon

Be what the Lord wants you to be, not what the world wants you to be.

Be what the Lord wants you to be, not what the world wants you to be.


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