Fibromyalgia is Real – A Poem

Fibromyalgia is Real  – A Poem

Fibromyalgia Is Real

Fibromyalgia Is Real

This is the first fibo-awareness post I have posted from CallahanWriter that I didn’t write. I met Tabatha Schulz on a Fibro group on Facebook Fibro Family Christian Support Group. She agreed to let me post this delightful poem on my blog. Enjoy.

What’s this you say? Fibromyalgia’s not real?
How about you step into my life and just see how real it feels!?
You couldn’t handle it, not even for a day!
This is my life, the pain never goes away. The unending pain, the stiffness is real!
The leg cramps, hands trembling, How does it feel?
My stomach is wrenching, My ears ringing too I’m fatigued and have insomnia… How does that feel to you?

Fibro Poem

Fibro Poem

The IBS has my stomach tied up in knots, and nausea too I wish this would stop!
The pain in my joints is totally insane, Am I even going to be able to walk today?
My skin is on fire, and my muscles burning in pain!
My head hurts and my mind is foggy again.
Dizziness, depression my list could go on… Living with this illness is going to be life long.
So how does it feel to be in my shoes?
Next time be careful the words that you choose… See Fibromyalgia is VERY REAL!
Now you know how our daily life feels.
So be kind and understanding, don’t hurt us with words
We just want understanding and our voices to be heard.

Tabatha Schulz ©

Used by permission

One Response

  1. As I read this the emotions came flooding in. How thankful I am that we have The Lord to be there helping us take one day at a time. A wonderful awareness of what we go through on a daily basis.

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