CallahanWriter: Musings and Observations

CallahanWriter: Musings and Observations

Success is the ability to get inside your mind and stay there until you have figured something out, came up with a solution or just had a respite from the grind. Don’t be afraid of your mind. He who is afraid of his mind will not achieve success. (Callahan)

Government may try to control me. Temptations may try to enslave me. Persecutions may try to stop me. But I am the master of my destiny. It matters not what others do to me, say about me or feel about me. For with my mind I am my destiny. (Callahan)

Success is what you define it to be. Know what success you want or you’ll just be spinning your wheels. (Callahan)

Some of the greatest inventions and discoveries were made possible by mans ability to harness power and disperse it in a way that made great things happen. If you can learn to harness the vast energy and power of your mind and all the thoughts therein you can disperse that great power and you to can conceive and achieve great things. You can change the course of your life. There are yet many things to discover, many things yet to be done, many things to teach. As much as mankind has achieved there remains much more to do and you could be in the middle of it all. (Callahan)

Learn from the memories. Respect the past. Live in harmony for today. Be happy with what you have. Go forward into the unknown future with faith, hope and love. (Callahan)


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