20 Top Tips For Managing Fibromyalgia

20 Top Tips For Managing Fibromyalgia

1. Let go of any guilt.

2. Recognize the contradictions of fibromyalgia.

3. Manage your expectations of yourself.

4. Manage the expectations of others.

5. Allow for rest.

6. Pace yourself.

7. Understand the illness.

8. Forgive the illness, don’t carry the baggage around.

9. Exercise and move around.

20 tips managing fibro10. Don’t give up!

11. Get the best sleep you can, even if it’s in nap form.

12. Stay Positive

13. Be consistent with your meds.

14. Keep all your doctor appointments

15. Be polite but assertive with your doctors, ultimately you are in control.

16. Manage your stress levels, Keep them as small as possible

17. Keep your mind and memory active and engaged.

18. Use all forms of therapy that work for you like a TENS or a heating pad etc.

19. Don’t be afraid to say no.

20. Remember, even if people around you say it’s a “trash can” diagnosis, God knows how you really feel.

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