RIP – 9 Things I Miss About My Old Fibro Free Life

RIP – Mourning The Loss Of Your Pre-Fibro Life

I lost a dear friend. It’s been eleven years now, but I still miss him. He was married with three girls. He enjoyed being active with his wife and children. He would take them swimming and fishing. They played in the snow together.

He was very active. He liked to run and ski. He was an avid gardener. He enjoyed skeet shooting and target shooting. He was a hard worker. He started his own business and worked 18 hours a day to get it up and running. It was quite successful until near the end.

His life was taken from him, at least the life he knew was taken from him by fibromyalgia. It’s been eleven years now and his life will never again be the same. He is still a fond memory, but I miss him every day. But now I live and battle and strive to exist and to be meaningful in spite of fibromyalgia. I still have hope for a new life with fibromyalgia.

Nine specific things my old self didn’t have to worry about, which is nine things I miss about my old fibro free life.

rip_hope1. No chronic pain

2. Appropriate energy

3. Sufficient strength

4. Ability to be spontaneous

5. Ability to work

6. Lack of sleep problems

7. The ability to remember everything I normally could

8. Participate in hobbies the fibro took away.

9. Participate in everything else the fibro took away.

But until I get back to my old self, yes, I hold out hope that I will be fibro free and back to my old self, either in this life or in the next life, I will be fibro free.

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