Visual Evidence Of Creationism With A Flash Flood

Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

Visual Evidence Of Creationism

There are many National Parks, especially in the western United States that feature grand vista’s and incredible formations. Some of these National Parks are the Grand Canyon, Zion’s, Capital Reef, Bryce Canyon, Canyon Lands and many more. At the top of some very high rock formation at Zion’s nation park there is fossil evidence of sea life, thousands of feet above sea level.


As you walk and hike through Capital Reef national park and other nation parks there are brass placards telling you how certain formations are formed, according to science.


There are several pictures of spectacular formations in various national parks and from southern Utah included in this post to compare to the video at the bottom of this post that was taken of a flash flood in southern Utah four days ago from a drone.


 Here is the footage of a flash flood. Notice how the flood is more than just water and notice the amazing force of six inches or water. Click on the link:

Destructive Force Of Flash Flood

A Landslide Creates a Canyon In Wyoming The size is estimated at 750 yards long by 50 yards wide.

Additional evidence of Creationism in the form of the earth opening in the form of a fissure in Arizona . Check out this link to an unusual lava flow from the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii.

People who place their faith or personal beliefs in science rather the creationism as taught from the Bible think that major changes in the earths crust come from long (millions) years of window and water in the process of erosion when these videos and pictures show that it is very conceivable that the destructive force of the earth can change its complexion in a relatively show period of time and be spectacular.

I’ll stick with the creation account found in Genesis.

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