Fibro Community

Fibro Community

In the last eleven years when I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I have seen internet resources grow at an amazing rate. If you take out all the “snake oil” fibro pages there are still a lot of resources at our disposal online. For a long time I have wondered how I could join in the online Fibro community. I have been a member of one of the greatest FaceBook groups on the subject for a long time, Fibro Family Christian Support Group.

Fibro Awareness

Fibro Awareness

For several reasons which I’ll share on a latter post, I added a Fibromyalgia thread to my Blog It has been picking up steam the last few weeks. I wondered if it was doing any good. CallahanWriter is in a couple of FaceBook Blog groups. She saw a link to a Fibro Awareness post I had recently posted. She sent me this message:

“Good day Troy. I don’t believe in coincidence and Sooooo glad I found your Blog while checking in on Blog Challenge: For the last 2+ years I’ve struggled with symptoms which doctors could not diagnose as ‘Illness’ or knowing what is wrong. After numerous tests done, all of them told me ‘Nothing’s wrong, except for a little depression maybe, Iron deficiency, Spastic colon (developed 2years ago) – some people told me I’m imagining and faking. So I ‘suffered in silence’ Yesterday took a turn for the worse- I decided to take a magazine and lie down on the couch : and there’s an article describing ALL my symptoms and the Name : Fibromyalgi (hoped I spelled correctly :I’m actually Afrikaans speaking) I googled it and it confirmed all my symptoms, AND opened The FB Blog Challenge and there’s your Blog about it! Coincidence? I believe not. Thanks so much for the blog! I’ll be sure to follow it. Going to make appointment with doctor again and show him the articles. I’ll take it then from there. Have an amazing day.” From Jo-Marie . . . (last name omitted for privacy.)

It was exciting to see my effort actually connect with someone in the terrible world of Fibromylagia. If I can turn my 31 years with Fibro to some good, it may well have been worth it.

Troy “Fibroman” Wagstaff

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  1. (I could check in at last with phone) Yes Troy and readers : that is my FB message displayed in this post. I’m up and going : although slowly, painfully and in a daze, but as a Stay at Home mom, Housewife and mom of 3 very active boys, WHAT ELSE can I do? My boys and husband can’t imagine my pain and don’t understand what the heck is wrong with me, since I don’t complain and simply don’t have the luxury of staying in bed – so thankfull that I found a this blog : Finally I can give a Name to this ‘Silent’ but awful pain. At last I know that I’m not imagining this or looking for Attention. I’ll keep you posted of my journey from here on forward.

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