How To Improve The World

How To Improve The World

How to improve the world? Are you serious? With the world like it is, how can anyone improve the world with the mess it is in with all the wickedness running rampant. Any righteous desire with The Master on your side it’s doable. Even improving the world.

I’m talking about improving the world in numerous ways. Read this quote for starters: “If we have improved our self, even just a little bit, we have improved the world. The better we become the better the world is.” (Callahan)

improve_the_worldI like this quote and I believe it is a true statement. I also think we can do even more to improve the world if The Lord is on our side. But first let’s look deeper at that inspirational quote. As Christians we should always be repenting because we know we all fall short of the glory of God and we all make mistakes. Sincerely repenting of our sins and striving to be a better Christian and better disciple of Jesus makes us better. And if we become better then the world becomes better. After all, the world is the sum of the six billion people who live on it.

That’s one way to make the world a better place. The next idea in making the world a better place is to love others and do and strive to help them become better. If you can help other people better themselves in Christ then the world gets better. If the other people you help, help others then the snowball effect takes over and the world gets better and better.

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