Fibro Awareness

Fibromyalgia Awareness

It used to be that many unintelligent doctors called Fibromyalgia a “trash-can diagnosis.” That was very insulting to me and many of my Fibro friends. It now seems most doctors acknowledge Fibromyalgia. Now the issue with Fibromyalgia is to educate people to know that Fibromyalgia is much more than just a chronic pain illness. There are so many more symptoms to Fibro than just chronic bone crushing pain.

It’s not that we want everyone to feel sorry for us. We are still in education mode, trying to educate people about what we suffer. We have what falls into the category of an “invisible disease.”

Just because we look healthy doesn’t mean we are. People with mental health problems look healthy as do people with diabetes, unless they’ve lost a foot or leg.

fibro_awareness_2Just so you know, Fibromyalgia is like having the worst possible muscle aching flu all the time. Others say it is like having arthritis all over the body. Recently I hear a doctor say it’s like having a migraine all over the body.

I have had Fibromyalgia for 31 years I can state with absolute certainty that all of those comparisons are true.

Imagine having an illness with the following symptoms:

Memory loss, skin rashes, skin sensitivity, itchy dry eyes, blurriness, dry mouth, restless legs, IBS, headaches, chemical sensitivity, sun light and UV light sensitivity, insomnia, migraines, impaired concentration, depression, anxiety, impaired coordination, ringing in the ears, dizziness, and assorted neurological symptoms.

That is a long list of symptoms. You would be one sick puppy if you had all or most of those symptoms, agreed?

Like I said earlier, we are not looking for sympathy but education. When someone tells you they have been diagnosed with Fibro, now you know what they have to contend with.

Now for good measure, add chronic, body wide pain to the mix. Welcome to my world and the world of millions of other Fibromyalgia patients. Fibromyalgia affects both men and women, although more women than men are currently diagnosed.


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