Current Stats For Fibromyalgia

Current Stats For Fibromyalgia

The CDC says that 2% of Americans have fibromyalgia. Other Internet fibro website’s suggest that anywhere from 2% to 4% of Americans have fibromyalgia. Most fibro sites agree that eight out of ten American diagnosed with fibromyalgia of female. Therefore, two out of ten are men, or 80% of all diagnosed fibro patients, 20% are men.

When I looked up how many Americans had Fibromyalgia and specifically how many men had fibro. All I found was out of date information.

One example of out of date information on fibromyalgia was on the CDC website. It said “The prevalence of fibromyalgia is about 2%, affecting an estimated 5.0 million adults in 2005.”


America’s 2014 population is 319,000,000. 319 million.

Here is an update table of current fibro statistics as of 2014.

At Two Percent

2% = 6,380,000 Americans diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

5,104,000 are women.

1,276,000 are men.

At Three Percent

3% = 9,570,000 Americans diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

7,658,000 are women.

1,914,000 are men.

At Four Percent

4% = 13,760,000 Americans diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

11,008,000 are women.

2,752,000 are men.

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