A Day In The Life Of Fibromyalgia – An Illness of Contradiction

A Day In The Life Of Fibromyalgia – An Illness of Contradiction

Typically the stormy weather, especially thick overhead clouds, rain storms and snow storms make me hurt two or three times as bad as my normal fibro pain. Good weather days are the best for my chronic pain.

One of the most unique things I’ve learned about fibromyalgia is that it is not only an illness of chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibro fog, insomnia and muscle spasms, but it is an illness of contradiction. Just when you think you have things figured out, in my case I thought that after thirty-one years I was getting it figured out, something is different, aspects of the disease are contradictory.

Take for instance this past week. Sunday I was able to teach my Sunday School Class but was in my recliner for the rest of the day. That, in and of itself, isn’t so strange but then the next day I wake up to a welcome but unexpected major rain storm. In Utah we are having a drought and needed the heavy rain. I was able to go to the gym and walk the treadmill at a blinding fast and steady speed of two miles an hour. That is not usual.


Because I exercised on a stormy day I thought I would be massively sore and racked with mind numbing pain the next day confined to my recliner throughout the whole day.

Come Tuesday, I wasn’t in the recliner the whole day. I lead a fibro active day. I was able to help my wife put away laundry. Not for long because of feet and back pain, but the fact I was able to help at all was a miracle from the normal routine. Hence another contradiction. I spent the part of the day being incredibly stiff and typically sore and in fibro chronic pain. Later that day I was able to clean a portion of my den on the same day as laundry. I didn’t overdue anything on Tuesday.

Now today, Wednesday, I am bedridden. In my case bed ridden means being a prisoner of my recliner. Today is a warm day with partly sunny skies. Nothing normal about this week so far and thus from the fibro contradictions, it has been a very normal week.

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  1. thank You, I have gone for years not even knowing what this was let a lone I may have it. sad how little is known.

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