A Christian Review of NBC’s – A.D. The Bible Continues

A Christian Review of NBC’s – A.D. The Bible Continues

I have to applaud NBC for airing a bible based Christian theme TV series. With the making of this A.D. television series and the few Old Testament Bible movies over the last few years proves that there is a demand in our “decadent society” for family friendly high quality Christian entertainment.

I hope NBC will continue airing high quality entertainment such as this series. I hope other Networks will copy the example. The Bible is entertaining, as well as inspirational and educational.

Over all, having viewed the first four or five episodes, I find this series very good. The production qualities are excellent. The writing is good. The acting is very good. I have found, by watching this show, a renewed appreciation for the Apostle Peter. The New Testament starts with the Four Gospels and The Acts of The Apostles which are in story form and easier to read because of the chronological nature of the stories. Most of the rest of the New Testament consists of letters and teachings of supernal significance yet, without as much chronological story line to go along with the teaching of the gospel. Most of those additional books of the new testament are writings of Paul with some exceptions of Peter, James and John.

The concerns I have with this TV show are the things they left out and that some people watching the show might take the show as gospel.

Of course, if watching this show inspires people to reread the Book of The Acts of The Apostles so people know exactly what the Bible says about it, then that is great. I was inspired enough by the show to start reading over again The Acts of the Apostles. Considering this is historical fiction, it is very good. But the show is not one-hundred percent accurate and for historical fiction it doesn’t have to be. It is still perfectly uplifting and well worth the time to watch.

One thing I wish they hadn’t left out was the glorious vision the disciple Stephen had when he saw Jesus Christ standing on the right hand of God before he was stoned to death.

ad_bible_reviewThe scriptures talk about the Holy Ghost being a quite, still small voice in our heart and mind. However, in The Acts of The Apostles, at the day of Pentecost, the sound of might rushing wind was used to describe the Holy Ghost acting on Peter. But they carry it too far. Every time Peter has a revelation from The Lord through the Holy Ghost, they use the sound of wind. There are other ways those incidents could be depicted.

No real detail was mentioned in the New Testament about the Sorcerer in Samaria. I liked their take on it, comparing him to common magician. There is no way to know if it is correct or not but it was interesting. The show portrayed Phillip and Stephen well, in my opinion. But then again, we are lacking the nitty gritty details of interaction between the Apostles and the early Christians. So their guess is as good as any.

The way they have created the character of Saul and Paul is as good as anything I can think of. I am anxious to see how Paul continues to grow in the gospel according to the writers of the series.

Over all, I would say this is the best Television show to appear in decades. It has intrigue, suspense, action and an uplifting message. Just remember, it is historical fiction, which is just fine. It would be a great idea to read along in The Acts of The Apostles to see where their interpretation differs from the real scriptures. It is great entertainment.

Troy Wagstaff

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