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Four Ways To Be A Christian

Four Ways To Be A Christian

If someone who was a seeker of spiritual truth investigated Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible on FaceBook, website’s, blogs and many other places on the Internet they could get a wrong impression of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

Many of these groups share their opinions and their private interpretations of Christianity. Many of them add to a correct and positive discussion about Jesus and his teachings and many muddy the waters.

There is a lot of yapping and nipping from one Christian to another in Facebook pages and various web sites around the World Wide Web. They all espouse their view of what a Christian is. A truth seeker could easily be filled with incorrect ideas about what being a Christian is all about and what it means to be a Christian.

To set the record straight would take a series of books and the right people would likely never read them. So in an effort to stir the proper discussion among those who profess to be Christians, I will outline four ways to be a Christian. This list is, by no means, complete. It’s just a beginning. But if we strived in these four areas it would make a world of difference to our self and to those around us. It would further the work of the Lord to save souls, not to tear them down. Most Christian could provide four other ways of being Christian that would be correct. This short list is intended as an example of the many aspects of being a true Christian.

What we know about Jesus Christ, we learn by reading the Bible. If any truth seekers are reading this article then I would suggest you start learning about Christianity by prayerfully reading the Holy Bible and not rely on what is written about Jesus and the Bible online. Online resource can be valuable after you have a foundation built on Jesus Christ and his teachings found in the Bible.


If you are seeking truth by reading web pages and Facebook groups you will get peoples opinions about what Jesus said and did as his lived on the earth. There are many great website’s, blogs and Facebook pages out there but start first with you and the Bible.

These four ideas all have one major underlying quality about true Christian Discipleship and that is love.


We are taught, among other things, from the Bible to be a peacemaker and an example of Jesus Christ. We are taught to love our neighbor as our self and to seek to do the will of the Lord.

In a world of conflict, from arguments and disagreements in the home to the neighborhood and communities we live it, from politics to national debate and war between countries. We are surrounded by conflict and strife. We need to seek to become peacemakers. Rather than seek to divide, we need to seek to unite in Christ. Being a peacemaker from a worldly point of view saves lives and precious resources. From a spiritual point of view being a peacemaker, we open the doors to peoples heart where a spiritual change can happen.

While peace is an illusive topic in the last days, there is much peace that is possible. We need to follow the Saviors teaching on “blessed are the peacemakers.”


To be an example of Jesus Christ first requires that one should read, study, ponder and pray while delving into the sweet pages of the Holy Bible. The Bible mentions a commandment that we should be perfect like Jesus and Heavenly Father are perfect. While that, is not attainable in this life directly. We can rest comfortable in the knowledge that we are taught throughout the good book that we will receive grace through the loving mercies of our Savior. Combined with our efforts to become perfect and the saving grace of Jesus Christ, we can become perfect.

So short of being perfect we can live our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ by striving to follow his example and in the process becoming an example ourselves to others. Ask yourself, if someone followed by example, would that bring them closer to the Lord?


Like all messages from the Holy Bible, love is the major theme behind them all. Loving ones neighbor is an oft repeated theme though out the scriptures. To be a Christian is to be one who loves his neighbor. Love the sinner (person), not the sin. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Love the Lord thy God and so on. If there is not love in your heart for your fellow man then either you are not a Christian or you are a beginner.

If you’re a beginner then love will only continue to grow. But keep in mind that love is the essence of Christianity.


Seeking to understand and then striving to do the will of the Lord may be one of the more challenging aspects of being a Christian, but it is an essential part of being a Christian.

More than once did Jesus teach in the hallowed pages of the bible the need to do the will of the Lord. Christ was always doing to the will of the Lord even down to the time he spent suffering for the sins of the world in the Garden of Gethsemane and upon the cross of Calvary.

In summary, these are just four essential aspects of being a Christian. If people saw you striving in these areas, they would assume you are a disciple of Jesus Christ without you ever having to open your mouth. If we concentrated on these four aspects of Christendom we would attract many more disciples and stem the tide of the younger generations falling away from the rock of our salvation.

I don’t mean to say that these are the only ways one is a Christian. There are so many more to add to the list. But what I hope to put forward for discussion among Christians is rather than tear down other Christian denominations lets all work to the end of bringing souls unto Christ rather than let the younger generation slip away.

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Free Christian Memes



Let God Build Your Life – A Christian Devotional

Let God Build your Life – A Christian Devotional


God, who made the heavens and the earth can make more out of us than we can. God knows the hairs on your head. A sparrow does not fall without him knowing about it. Even with all the wisdom and learning we have, we can be so much more if we let God into our lives and let him build our life. We just need to seek understanding of his will and follow his teachings and we will become far more than we ever thought possible.

Troy Wagstaff ©

Free Chrstian Memes – Christian Devotionals

Free Christian Memes – Christian Devotionals


Bible Quote

Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after that tradition of men, and not after Christ.


Christian Quote:

Be what the Lord wants you to be. Do what the Lord wants you to do.


Christian Devotional Memes

I know that my redeemer lives, He lives who once was dead.

31 Tips For Traveling With Fibromyalgia

31 Tips For Traveling With Fibromyalgia

There is a lot to consider when traveling with fibromyalgia. In the Traveling with Fibromyalgia Part ,1 I covered some of my experiences of traveling in a car. Road trips are doable with the right preparation. Any travel is possible for a fibro fighter with proper considerations and planning.

This time, I am going to write about experiences and lessons learned about traveling by air plane. In addition, this article talks about traveling in a larger group. My last vacation was just me and my wife on a road trip to Yellowstone. The size of your traveling party can be a important consideration. I hope my experiences help other fibro fighters in their desire to travel.

This trip was flying to California with family and friends. I went on this Disney Land vacation with my wife, Colette and two of our three daughters. One of my daughters was accompanied by her best friend. My wife’s best friend also flew out with us. She was on vacation with us and finished her vacation by going back to California with us and then went home a few days later to northern California. My youngest daughter met her best friend at our hotel. She had moved to California a year previously.

Wendy, our California friend, suggested I request a wheel chair at the airport. We thought that was a good idea. It wasn’t. Because of the wheel chair we boarded first. That was nice but no big deal. When we arrived at Long Beach we got off last. No big deal. Going through security was a huge deal. Because I was in a wheelchair, I didn’t have to go through the metal detector but the pat down very invasive. If someone would have done that without a uniform it would have been sexual assault.

Getting off the plane in Long Beach wasn’t so bad. They have a very small airport so I could have easily walked around. In future airplane trips I declined the wheel chair at the airport. It was more effort than it was worth for me. Lesson learned.

There were in all, seven in our party for the first few days. The last half of our vacation was five of us. At first glance, traveling with a large party sounds daunting for a fibro warrior. It wasn’t at all bad. In many cases it turned out very good. Everyone had someone to be with which took off pressure for me to be out and about. They wondered how I could have fun without going at the hectic pace they were going. It suited me fine. I really could take my time and not interfere with anyone having fun.

Let’s start from the beginning. While planning our vacation we applied the lessons learned from the trip my wife and I took to Yellowstone. We didn’t over plan activities. Our hotel was literally right across the street from Disneyland which was the main focus of our trip.

We got five day passes so we could come and go to Disney Land as we pleased. My daughters had their friends, my wife had her friend and I had a couple of books and my laptop. Our hotel didn’t have private hot tubs but they had an outside hot tub by the swimming pool. I brought sun screen and a couple of books so I wouldn’t get bored. I wish I had brought some videos or DVD’s. Streaming wasn’t what it is today. Lesson learned.

We like to get our moneys worth but when planning we realized I may not use my pass to Disney Land five times but that was part of managing expectations. I ended using it three times which was just about perfect for me.

31_tips_for_travelling_with_fibroMy wife and I knew about my situation and the need to manage expectations. We told our kids about the expectation concept and they didn’t seem to care since they would have friends along and it was established that they would be on their own in Disney Land most of the time.

When we could, we would eat lunch and dinner together. Everyone would get up and go the continental breakfast early in the morning. I slept. I’ve never understood why people on vacation want to wake up so early. Among other things, vacations are a time to relax. Even more so when traveling with a chronic illness.

I would get up and eat enough to take my meds. With no rush, I would get ready for the hut tub. I spent one or two hours in the hot tub each day. Sometimes I would get lunch from the hotel restaurant. Thank goodness for cell phones. After lunch I would call my wife and we would plan on where and when to meet at Disney Land.

I couldn’t go on many rides. This trip was four or five years ago. I don’t remember many rides I went on but I do remember what became my favorite ride, it was in The California Adventure park across from Disney Land. It was called California Dreamin’. I went on that ride five or six times. I got the sensation of moving but not fast and jerking. There was no spinning, it was smooth.

We were told my several people who had been to Disney Land recently that you could rent wheel chairs and motorized carts. On the first day I went to Disney Land I went to the rental place and found that they were out of carts. I decided a wheel chair would be better than walking. I was wrong.

While It keep pressure off my feet, it put a lot of wear and tear on my arms, neck and shoulders. Wendy and Colette ended up pushing me around the rest of the evening. Luckily, the rest of the trip I got a motorized cart. Lesson learned.

The single most important detail of that trip was the use of motorized carts. It was great. Not only did I get around easily, I meet several other disabled people and about half of them also had fibromyalgia. We would talk about what rides were good to ride and what rides we should consider avoiding. Whoever was with me got to go to the head of the lines on every attraction.

My wife has neuropathy in her feet from two types of chemotherapy and diabetes. She saw how great the carts where and decided to rent one on her last couple of days at the park. Some of our fun at the parks was racing each other.

Later we went to Knots Berry Farm. It was small so our late arrival didn’t matter. We also went to a restaurant called medieval times that was near Knots Berry Farm. That was fun but that day with two major venues was exhausting and our only real scheduling problem.

On our driving around from place to place or at the end of the day we would go to the beach. It was the last couple of days in October and first few days of November. The water was cold but the sights and sound of the Ocean were spectacular.

I spent a lot of time resting and soaking in the hot tub. I spent most days with the tens machine on my back. I slept on my heating pad. Don’t worry, I have a great heating pad with a lot of settings including a built in timer and a built in maximum temperature.

Because we learned and applied our ‘lessons learned’ from previous traveling we made this trip more enjoyable and less physically draining.

We flew home late in evening. Getting home late at night was tough but it seems impossible to make every aspect perfect for an illness that is unreliable. I took about three or four days recuperating.

Lessons learned from this trip were:

For me, the wheel chair at the airport wasn’t worth it.

The wheel chair at Disneyland wasn’t worth it.

The motorized carts were well worth the money.

We also learned that there are rentals in the Disney Land area that will deliver motorized carts to your hotel door and they cost less than Disney Land.

Even though you plan on rest time and have a low key itinerary there will be days that you over do it.

You can’t schedule good days and bad days with fibromyalgia.

From my personal travels which aren’t much and through the experiences of others with fibromyalgia at the Fibro Family Christian Support Group on Facebook, here is an extensive list of things to do and things to consider taking with you when traveling with fibro.

1. Don’t be negative but know your limitations.

2. List of medications.

3. List of allergies and a list of illnesses and which meds are used for which symptoms.

4. Take three extra days of medicine.

5. Manage your own expectations.

6. Manage others expectations.

7. Plan ahead for things you may need like an electric scooter or wheel chair.

8. Plan for the flight, the check in time, and security lines. Give yourself more time than you normally would.

9. Consider what is realistic when planning your vacation.

10. Always consider hot tubs.

11. Always plan for rest time.

12. Heating pad.

13. A convertor.

14.Tens unit.

15. Make sure to get up and move around every couple of hours or as needed for your situation

16. Pace your self.

17. Know your limits.

18. Don’t be afraid to stop and rest as needed.

19. Generous use of pillows if needed.

20. Dramamine

21. Preparation. But remember that with all the preparation you make you can’t plan for rough days or flare ups.

22. Extra money.

23. Small squishy pillows.

24. Pics of pill bottles.

25. Plan on rest days.

26. Good reading material.

27. A handicap parking placard.

28. Anticipate med. refills before you travel. I use Wallgreens which gives me access to my pharmacy records and refills if I mess up with my medications.

29. Prayer.

30. Bible study

31. DVD’s – Videos

Troy Wagstaff © Copyright, All right reserved.

Inspirational Quote Meme

Inspirational Quote Meme


Some people come into your life as blessings, others come into your life as lessons. (Mother Teresa)

22 Items For Your Fibro Emergency Go-bag

Fibro Emergency Go-bag. Fibro Awareness

In my youth I was a boy scout. I enjoyed the camping and activities but I didn’t advance very far in rank. I did learn something that has stayed with me ever since, it was the concept of being prepared. When you have fibromyalgia or other chronic invisible diseases, you are limited to what you can do. But there are times when you must act, no mater had badly you feel. There are times when, in an emergency, you have to pick yourself up and go and do. You have no choice. I realized that in spite of my poor health, the world didn’t stop for me. There were times I had to get up and go tend to an emergency. It took a few ER visits to learn this valuable idea. The idea is a fibro emergency go-bag. There is nothing like a five-hour ER visit with uncomfortable surroundings and furniture to make your chronic pain worse. The go-bag is a back pack or big purse that has things in it that you can grab in a hurry and go. The idea is, that the list is checked off and the items are in your bag ready to go in an emergency. I’ve had many opportunities and countless hours to refine this idea. It’s been tested and I am grateful that I had it. I’ve been through about 15-20 ER visits with my daughter and her pseudo tumor cerebri and about12 surgeries. My wife has had cancer twice and countless procedures, chemo, radiation etc. I’ve even used the bag for my own doctor visits. It’s all prepared and ready to go. I don’t know how long a new doctor will take so I go prepared. Grab the go-bag and I’m ready. So I got a back pack and filled it with various things. I usually over prepared my bag and it got a little heavy but I was never bored again. Besides activities I realized the need for some comfort items as well. I made a list from my experience of things that have proven to be helpful. It is modified for women as well. 1. Extra Cell Phone Battery 2. Cell Phone Charger 3. Two day’s worth of all your meds 4. Earphones for your cell phone 5. Book(s) to read 6. A notepad 7. Pen or pencil 8. Med. List 9. Medical History 10. Scriptures 11. Food, at least enough to take your meds. Protein bars or energy bars 12. Bottled water 13. Cards or some other small game 14. Emergency money other than what you have in your wallet. 15. Small comfy pillow 16. A small blanket 17. Pair of comfy socks 18. Tens Unit 19. Heating Pad 20. Reading Glasses 21. Personal female items 22. A few DVD’s fibro_emergency_prepThese items are only designed for bear minimal comfort and emergency medical items like your meds. The idea isn’t to take your bedroom with you but just enough to make a seven-hour ER visit as pleasant as it can be with fibromyalgia. In my case I’ve used it for many ER visits and I’ve used it for when I would have to wait up at 4:00 a.m. to get my daughter to surgery by 5:00 a.m. I didn’t have to do anything but get dressed and grab my bag. I have my pills and some food already in the bag. I can take my meds on schedule regardless of what the Café hours at the hospital are. This go-bag has helped a lot. Several times when we went in for early morning surgeries, we would not return home until ten or eleven at night. That bag made a big difference. I will explain my logic for these items. As you read this article make a note of what sounds right for you. If there are things you think of that I have not mentioned then write them down in your notes and leave a comment for me. Others may like your ideas as well. Item’s four through ten can be found on a smart phone which makes items one and two very important. An extra cell phone battery can be a life saver for a smart phone. You don’t always have access to a wall outlet to keep your battery fresh. So if you run the battery down then add the spare battery. Whenever possible, keep your cell phone charged. I like having two days worth of essential medications because I wonder, what if I have to spend the night at the hospital? I want to be prepared. Or what if your emergency is in bad weather and you get stranded over night. It sounds paranoid but with fibro pain you cannot afford to take matters lightly. Ear phones are important because you can’t play your itunes in front of a bunch of strangers. Music can be soothing when you’re stressed so don’t be stuck with a great play list and no way to easily listen to it. A smart phone can enable you to read ebooks and scriptures, listen to music and watch streaming videos. But if you get bored or get eye strain with the digital screen then a traditional book may be a welcome change of pace. The idea here is to keep your mind off of uncomfortable situations and hopefully help manage pain by not dwelling on it. A notepad and pencil might be nice to have to keep notes about what’s going on. There are many good reasons for these two items in your fibro bag. However, a smart phone can serve that purpose as well. Why would you need a med. list and medical history if you are responding to someone else’s emergency? You never know. When you’re in a lot of stress things can happen. Med. lists and medical histories are something you should have with you whenever you go, anywhere, all the time, just in case. I like having scriptures with me because when I am in a stressful situation like and ER visit or waiting for an operation, I find it comforting to read some from the scriptures. This could also be on your smart phone. You’re not going for a hike but I found it good to have a little food and water in case I was in an awkward situation and needed to take my meds. I have a few protein bars and one or two bottles of water. I also like having a few dollars in my go-bag in case I don’t have any in my wallet. Vending machines around here don’t always take a debit card. Items 16-19 are items for comfort like a special pillow you may like, a soft pair of socks are nice if you need to sleep during the day. A soft familiar blanket helps to make you feel at home or more relaxed. A tens unit and heating pad have saved me more than once. If I have a flare up, which is common in stressful situations, there is nothing better than my heating pad. None of the reading material and none of the non telephone aspect of your smart phone will do much good if you need reading glasses and don’t have them. It took a while to think of DVD’s That item may or may not be a good idea for you. For me, it was a good idea because most of the hospitals around here have TV’s and DVD players. Sometimes you need something else besides reading to relax. It’s not on the list, but making a reminder note and putting it somewhere obvious in your go-bag is a good idea. This note should be a reminder to get up and move around at least once an hour. Move, walk and stretch every hour as needed to reduce stiffness and getting more sore. Troy Wagstaff © Copyright, All rights reserved.

How To Trust In The Lord

How To Trust In The Lord

It’s one thing to say “I trust in the Lord” and it’s another thing to actually trust in the Lord. The book of Proverbs tells us to “trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not to thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.”

I was having a conversation with my wife today about trusting in the Lord. In the middle of the conversation I got stuck in my head as I was mulling over the consequences of trusting in the Lord. If we trust that the Lord will direct our paths, which he will, are we willing to follow the path?

Often I have heard Christians say “thy will be done” but what if his will is for you or me to change something about us?

Hopefully we add to our prayers a heart felt statement of “thy will be done.” Often this statement follows a request on our part. “Please bless me to pass this test. Thy will be done.” Or it could be “please bless me to get this new job. They will be done.”

If we pass the test or get the job, great. If not, there may be a reason. It might be the Lords will or it might be that we did not study hard enough too past the test. It might be that getting the job entails situations that are not good for us that we don’t know about.

how_to_trust_in_the_lordThose situations are easy to accept. But what if part of “thy will be done” means we need to change, or we need to move out of our comfort zone?

If we want to hike to the top of a seven thousand-foot mountain and we trust that the Lord that he will help us and he directs our path to a gym with a great collection of treadmills, stair steppers and rock climbing equipment and we just look around and walk out the door. Three months later we are two thousand feet up the mountain and he can’t go on. We are too exhausted.

We wonder why the Lord is not directing our path up the mountain. We trusted in him to bless us to make the summit. But we didn’t. How come?

The Lord needed us to change the path we were on which was not getting in shape for the climb. We were directed to a gym with excellent equipment and we didn’t take advantage of a new path or direction of getting in shape. If we had spent the last three months working out then the Lord’s path would have lead us to the top of the seven thousand foot mountain.

It’s one thing to trust in the Lord or to say “they will be done” but it’s another thing to follow the path the Lord wants us to take. Are we up for it?

Troy Wagstaff © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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