How To Trust In The Lord

How To Trust In The Lord

It’s one thing to say “I trust in the Lord” and it’s another thing to actually trust in the Lord. The book of Proverbs tells us to “trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not to thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.”

I was having a conversation with my wife today about trusting in the Lord. In the middle of the conversation I got stuck in my head as I was mulling over the consequences of trusting in the Lord. If we trust that the Lord will direct our paths, which he will, are we willing to follow the path?

Often I have heard Christians say “thy will be done” but what if his will is for you or me to change something about us?

Hopefully we add to our prayers a heart felt statement of “thy will be done.” Often this statement follows a request on our part. “Please bless me to pass this test. Thy will be done.” Or it could be “please bless me to get this new job. They will be done.”

If we pass the test or get the job, great. If not, there may be a reason. It might be the Lords will or it might be that we did not study hard enough too past the test. It might be that getting the job entails situations that are not good for us that we don’t know about.

how_to_trust_in_the_lordThose situations are easy to accept. But what if part of “thy will be done” means we need to change, or we need to move out of our comfort zone?

If we want to hike to the top of a seven thousand-foot mountain and we trust that the Lord that he will help us and he directs our path to a gym with a great collection of treadmills, stair steppers and rock climbing equipment and we just look around and walk out the door. Three months later we are two thousand feet up the mountain and he can’t go on. We are too exhausted.

We wonder why the Lord is not directing our path up the mountain. We trusted in him to bless us to make the summit. But we didn’t. How come?

The Lord needed us to change the path we were on which was not getting in shape for the climb. We were directed to a gym with excellent equipment and we didn’t take advantage of a new path or direction of getting in shape. If we had spent the last three months working out then the Lord’s path would have lead us to the top of the seven thousand foot mountain.

It’s one thing to trust in the Lord or to say “they will be done” but it’s another thing to follow the path the Lord wants us to take. Are we up for it?

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