I Want To Know What Love Is

I Want To Know What Love Is

Christian Devotional

Since the dawn of time men and women have been searching for love. Adam and Eve loved each other and they taught their children about love. But as the population of the earth grew ever bigger, not everyone could feel the love their souls desired.

Men and women began looking for love in all the wrong places trying to feel a void that could only be filled with love. Countless songs have been written about looking for love. Mostly they are talking about the love of a man or women.

know_what_love_isMarried love is one of the greatest loves of all, but the greatest love of all love is between a person and their Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

One of the great rock songs about love was written by Mick Jones. I’ve enclosed seven lines from his song “I Want to know What Love Is.”

“I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me.”

I saw this un attributed quote on Pintrest recently, it says “Jesus died for you knowing you might not love Him back. That is love!”

If you want to know what love is then look no farther that Jesus Christ. If you read about his life and study his teachings you will know what love is, what real, eternal love is.

Mr. Jones goes on to write:

“In my life there’s been heartache and pain
I don’t know if I can face it again
Can’t stop now, I’ve traveled so far, to change this lonely life.”

No love, except the Saviors love, can really ease heart ache and pain. With Christ you can face anything. Through Christ you will never need to feel lonely again.

Troy Wagstaff

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  1. Amen! He is the Only True Love – will never hurt you, will Always be there for you.

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