New Years Resolutions, Timing Is Everything. Spring Time!

New Years Resolutions, Timing Is Everything. Spring Time!

For the Northern Hemisphere, the new year rolls around with dark, cloudy, gray skies. For many snow on the ground and a piercing wind in the air. Instinctively we want to go inside and get warm with a cup of our favorite hot beverage. Perhaps we want a roaring fire, a blanket and a good book to read.

Why then so we think so much about new years resolutions? Why do we have such a hard time keeping these resolutions? With dreary weather who wants to go to the gym after a long day at work when instinctively we want to go home and hunker down and get warm? Or perhaps we want to make a B line to our favorite restaurant and be warm with comfort food and out of the cold.

springtime_newyears_resolutionsI think we should delay new year’s resolutions to spring time or associate the new goals for a tradition at Easter time. Easter always comes in the spring. Spring flowers like daffodils and crocus’s are blooming along with the yellow blossoms of the Forsythia bushes. Tulips are breaking ground.

The grass is turning green and there is a sense of renewal all around. What a great time to start fresh with a newness of life in the air. Let’s use that sense of freshness all around us to renew and improve ourselves.

Let’s use the spring time motivation to motivate ourselves in making new goals and improving ourselves. We’ve got all the seasons of spring, summer and autumn to get our physical fitness goals into a new habit.

We have the renewal of spring and the Easter season to get ourselves in order spiritually. The Easter holiday reminds us of Christ on the cross, his death and glorious resurrection. Let’s use that motivation to refresh ourselves spiritually.

Let’s use this spring time wisely by making a clean break from failed new year’s resolutions and let the joy of the season motivate us to improve ourselves with a newness of life.

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  1. You’re right. That’s a great idea. And we should also review our goals/make new ones every quarter. It keeps us fresh and challenged.

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