Ten Tips For Dealing with Fibro

Ten Tips For Dealing with Fibro


1. Let go of any guilt

2. Recognize the contradictions of fibromyalgia

3. Manage your expectations of yourself

4. Manage the expectations of others

5. Allow for rest

6. Pace yourself

7. Understand the illness

8. Forgive

9. Exercise and move around

10. Don’t give up

The Ten C’s Of Coping With Fibromyalgia

The Ten C’s of Coping With Fibromyalgia

ten_cs_with_fibroI didn’t Create it

But I can make good Choices

It can’t be Cured

But I can Celebrate the small victories

I didn’t Cause it

But I can Care for others

I can’t Control it

But I can Choose to think positive

I can Communicate to those who will listen

But I can Cope even though I don’t always want to

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