Equality In Gods Eyes


There is no place in this world for sexism, racism or bigotry. No one is better than anyone else in Gods eyes. He loves us all the same. He may not care for our actions and He doesn’t like our sins but He loves each one of us just the same.

Prejudice should have no place in our hearts or actions. Equality is what we should all be concerned about. I don’t mean we are all equal from the stand point of talent or intelligence. How many Albert Einstein’s are there? How many Martin Luther Kings are there? But in Gods eyes we are all loved equally.

We should have the equality that we can all advance according to our talents and abilities and not be held back because of the color of our skins or our appearance or disabilities or anything that makes us look different.

Are we so afraid of our own limitations that we feel that suppressing others gives us a boost up?

Getting rid of being prejudiced and promoting equality is healthy for everyone. We can all benefit by equality. We all can be hurt by being prejudice. Would you want to be the subject of prejudice.

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