God Has Worked It All Out – Faith Is The Key

God Has Worked It All Out – Faith Is The Key

Daily Devotional

Recently I saw a Christian meme that said ” God has placed you where  you’re at in this very moment for a reason. Trust He’s working everything out.” I believe that this was designed to give hope and to make people feel good. But it’s not altogether true. I created this Christian meme to give hope to all those who need it. I believe that the truth gives the great hope of all.


Gods will is better than our will.

Trust In God Always.

 God sent us to earth with a body and free will with the agency to use it. We will always make mistakes. The Bible teaches us that we can repent for the mistakes we make or the sins we commit.

God doesn’t interfere with our use of agency. Where we’re at in any given moment is a result of our choices and use of free will. If we find our self in a bad place that makes us feel sad, then we have made uninspired choices. We put our self in that place.

If we find our self in a place that makes’ us feel happy, then we have made good and inspired choices. God will help us when we ask him or seek after him.

God will not uproot us and put us in a certain place that makes us feel bad, which takes away our free will. The great hope and truth behind all this is that with God, all things are possible and we can improve our situation as we ask for Gods guidance.

The Exception Rule

There is an exception to this. There are times when you find your self in a bad situation where you feel awful, through no fault of your own. This kind of situation can be caused by health problems or by being victimized.

In this case, we are placed in a situation without our consent or choice. In these types of situations we feel terrible and we need solutions and help. That help and ultimate happiness comes from God. He isn’t “working things out,” He has already worked them out and the help and solutions you need are already there.

To get Gods help simply requires faith in Him and reaching out though prayer, asking for His help. Then we need to be patient and listen for His help or be patient and wait for his help. Help will come. In His time frame you will receive His help.

Free To Be Awesome

Free To Be Awesome

When Father in Heaven sent us to earth He gave us our free agency. With that blessing comes major consequences that can be wonderful or awful depending on the choices we make.  To help us learn wise use of free will we face obstacles. Some of those obstacles are placed in our way by virtue of being on earth, other obstacles get in our way by others people’s use of freewill.

In our quest to become awesome we need to overcome obstacles and we need to have a plan and we need to pursue it.  Being awesome is different for everyone.  You determine what being awesome is for you. But just know that being awesome will bother some people. Some just don’t want others to be awesome.  The most miserable force on earth comes from that evil one, Satan. He will do whatever it takes to thwart your happiness.

We need to over come all obstacles in our goal to be awesome.  That would be the devil and that would be circumstances in life and it could also be other people who like to put others down to make themselves feel a hollow and short-lived happiness.  We need to overcome and remove such obstacles. To be awesome we only want other awesome people or awesome situations in our life.  With our free will we can do that. We can, as the cute little aphorism states “turn that frown upside down”.

If you want to be awesome but someone won’t let you then that is an obstacle to be removed.   You have the freedom to choose to do that so that you can get back on the road to being awesome. It’s your choice, there is always a choice.  Always keep in mind you are free to be anything you want to be, happy, strong or awesome etc.  To cut someone out of your life sounds harsh, but if they are intent on trying to drag you down then it might be a good idea.  It’s always a good idea to kick the devil out of our lives.

As we grow in our quest to be awesome, we develop an awesome strength.  Who knows, down the line of our life we may have the awesome strength that we need to be a strong positive and awesome influence on the lives of those who once wanted to tear us down.

You are free to be as awesome as you desire. (Callahan)

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