36 Reasons Why The Butterfly Is A Great Symbol For Fibromyalgia

36 Reasons Why The Butterfly Is A Great Symbol For Fibromyalgia

For as long as I can remember, the butterfly has been the symbol of Fibromyalgia.

Some say the symbolism of the butterfly for fibromyalgia is because a touch as gentle and soft as the fluttering of a butterflies wing can cause severe pain to a fibro champion.

For parents with fibromyalgia, the gentle soft touch of a baby or a young child is likened to the soft flutter of a butterflies wing and that same loving touch from a baby or child can cause great pain to a parent thus afflicted. That sounds like a good reason to use the butterfly for a fibro symbol. However, there are many other reasons why the butterfly is a great symbol for fibromyalgia.

Butterfly Life Cycle – Four Stages Of Transformation:

(1) Laying of the egg. (2) The egg grows into a caterpillar. As the caterpillar grows it sheds it’s skin a minimum of four times to accommodate the new growth of its increasing size. (3) Then the caterpillar forms itself into a cocoon, a fuzzy sack of rapidly forming growth not visible from the outside. But a metamorphosis (transformation) is happening on the inside. (4) As the adult butterfly emerges from the chrysalis. A winged beautiful butterfly flies away, continuing the circle of life.

We will look at many of the different symbols of the butterfly from around the world and through many cultures. Doing this will show how many of those symbolisms can fit a fibro champion patient.


Review the various symbolic parts of the butterfly and you can easily see what makes the Butterfly such a great symbol for fibromyalgia.

Butterfly Symbolism

Accepting Change (Universal)

Aliveness and Brightness (Native American Totem)

Beauty (Christian)

Bliss (Japanese)

Change (Universal)

Circle Of Life (Universal)

Embrace Change ( (Native American Totem)

Finding Joy in life (Native American Totem)

Flying Away With Our Burdens (Christian)

Going through changes and transformations with grace and beauty (Native American)

Grace (Christian)

Granting of Wishes (Native American Indian)

Happiness (American).

Healing (Japanese Symbol)

Hope (Christian)

Immortality (Chinese)

Important Changes (Native American)

Letting go of something bad (Ancient Culture)

Lightness of Being, elevation from the heaviness of tension (Native American)

Migration (Universal)

New Life (Universal)

Personal Transformation (Native American)

Playfulness (Native American Totem)

Profound Change (Native American)

Rebirth (Ancient Culture)

Relaxation (Japanese Symbol)

Resurrection (Christian)

Shedding Of The Old Life (Universal)

Soft As Breath (Universal)

Spirits Of Deceased Loved Ones (Mexican)

Spiritual Growth (Christian)

Stress Reduction (Japanese Symbol)

Support during times of Transition (Native American Totem)

The Soul or Psyche (Ancient Greece)

Transformation (Universal)

Weightlessness (Universal)

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